Back on track?
Don’t get hurt!

With eased restrictions on exercise – but still no gyms and similar facilities – you might be trying out new forms of exercise.

Beware of injury, says your physiotherapist!

  • Take it slow

Don’t try to go too fast. Want to run, for example? Start by walking for a week, then try a ten-minute run and build up.

  • Don’t be intense

The quickest route to tendonitis or other injuries is to try too hard. Do it gently at first, and keep an eye on your body’s response – stop if you feel sudden or increasing pain.

  • Ease into change

You may have been top spin cyclist at your gym; that doesn’t mean you can run a half-marathon immediately. Ease into new activities slowly; learn the new moves and watch for signs of strain in unaccustomed muscles.

  • Back to your old exercise

If you haven’t been doing as much – or any – of the exercise you did before lockdown, be kind to muscles that will have lost condition and even possibly mass. Increase the rate at which you exercise by about 10% per week to avoid injury and strain.

  • Be body-aware

Whatever you do, watch for signs of strain or pain. Sudden pain is always a warning sign. Pain that gets worse as you exercise is another.

Your physiotherapist can help you get going or change exercise modes, without injury.