Be Festive, Have Fun, Be Healthy

It’s going to be a different festive season, accessorised with masks and coloured by social distancing.
Embrace the difference and be good to yourself…
Moving your body makes you happy, so dance!
Dance by yourself, dance on a Zoom call with friends, dance with your partner or child.

Holidays will be different this year: masks on the beach, social distancing in the Berg.
Embrace the difference and be good to yourself…
Outdoors is where the ventilation is great. And outdoors, in the green of a park or a wild place, is good for your brain, science shows. So be active outside!

Can’t be with family this year? Think of it as a different festive season, a chance to do those creative things you haven’t time for through the year.
Use online resources – learn to work with wood, make your own jewellery, reupholster your sofa.
Learn about your body’s strength and fine motor skills, and enjoy the results.

Can’t go back home or on holiday this year? Use your time to get to know the world you hurry past during the working week; you might even improve it!
Explore your neighbourhood: is the stream choked with litter? Are there rusted swings in the local park? Do a clean-up job as a family – with gloves to protect your hands as well as masks!
Use your body’s strength and fine motor skills to make your environment better for everyone!

Yes, this year has been different and difficult, culminating in a festive season away from family and friends.
Research shows that a dose of exercise can lift mood very effectively, so plan to use your body to fight the blues.
Look for something different: find classes in boxing, the Brazilian combat-and-dance art -form Capoeira or drumming, for example, something that will give you enjoyment as well as a workout.
Get fitter and healthier, and come away happier!

If you have any pain or mobility issues, find a physiotherapist to help!