Does your home office look like this?

For many people, work-from-home also means discomfort or pain from sore necks and tight shoulders due to the less-than-perfect workspace.

Great tips for preventing pain:

  • Opt for a chair with a back-rest and use a lumbar cushion to provide back support.
  • Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, thighs roughly parallel to the floor, knees slightly below hips. Use bricks or boxes to achieve this if necessary.
  • To avoid hunching over your work, ensure your eyes are roughly level with the middle of your screen.
  • Make sure the surface you’re using as a desk is at a level where your hands and lower arms rest naturally, neither too high nor too low, and rest your forearms on the surface while typing.
  • Move! don’t stay seated or maintain one position for extended periods. That’s a recipe for stiffness, discomfort and even poor health. Working from home means you can do so many things for brief movement breaks: walk the dog, do a few yoga moves for ten minutes, clean the grouting, rough-and-tumble with your children, dig a veggie bed, hand the washing… movement will keep your body and mind happy and healthy!

If you need more tips for pain-free working at home, consult your physiotherapist.