Get in the summer swing…

…But stay safe

 Time to garden? Of course! But protect yourself from injury:

  • Time yourself. Don’t do any one task (such as kneeling to weed) for more than 20-30 minutes at a time

Cycling, swimming, running

  • Whatever your activity, give yourself a little warm-up before you start by moving a bit (you can ease into it just by starting slowly)

If you’re a runner or cyclist, take precautions:

  • Ensure someone knows your route and is aware of when you should return. Nasty but necessary.

Whatever your chosen sport or activity:

  • Don’t ignore niggles, such as an aching knee or ‘pulling’ feeling in your Achilles. The earlier you seek advice from your physio, the quicker your recovery

If you are focused on one specific movement activity, such as dancing or rowing:

  • Do some regular cross-training to ensure you build strength and resilience in your whole body