Get ready for the Month of Love!

Does pain prevent you from feeling romantic?
Aches and discomfort in muscles, tendons and joints can affect your mood.
Stress and anxiety trigger unconscious actions like teeth-grinding or clenching which can result in pain.
See your physiotherapist to sort it out.

Does texting love messages hurt?
Well, they came up with the term ‘text neck’ for a reason!
Muscles, tendons and joints in arms and neck react to repetitive motions like heavy texting with discomfort or even pain.
See your physiotherapist to ease the pain.

Been listening to sad songs about bad break-ups and weeping?
Crying can release tension in facial muscles and improve mood.
But if weeping over your achy breaky heart doesn’t relive all muscular tension, consult your physiotherapist.

It’s a great time to dance with your love, even if the pandemic means it’s in the lounge, with Spotify providing the music.
If you don’t feel up to romantic cheek-to-cheek action, maybe it’s because your muscles are too weak or achy– like the abdominal, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles. 
See your physiotherapist to get your body dance-ready.

Are you ready to sing love songs?
Not if your diaphragm, abs and intercostal muscles (the ones between your ribs) aren’t up to it!
If you haven’t sung in years, 2021 is a good year to change that – and boost the resilience of your breathing muscles, always a good idea when Covid’s about!
See your physiotherapist for help, and sing out!