Headache? Physiotherapy can help

Headaches are among the most common causes of pain in the world, affecting two out of every three people.

  • Do you suffer from migraines? These awful headaches often cause muscle spasm – your physiotherapist can help you manage this debilitating condition.
  • Did you know your headache pain may be coming from your neck and shoulders? Your physiotherapist can help you with pain referring from this area to your head.
  • Stress can worsen headaches – your physiotherapist can give you useful advice on stress management, from exercise to visualisation.
  • Are you stressed? Do you grind your teeth or clench them? These habits could trigger headaches. Your physiotherapist can help you manage this.
  • Could how you sit or stand at work trigger your headache? Surprisingly, the answer is Yes. Consult your physiotherapist for help with this!

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