Health Care is a Human Right

On Human Rights Day, we celebrate rights embodied in the National Patient Rights Charter

Informed consent
“Everyone has a right to be given full and accurate information about the nature of one’s illnesses, diagnostic procedures, the proposed treatment and risks associated therewith and the costs involved.”

Healthy and safe environment
“Everyone has a right to a healthy and safe environment that will ensure their physical and mental health or well-being.”

Participation in decision-making
“Everyone has the right to participate in decision-making on matters affecting one’s own health.”

Confidentiality and privacy
“Information concerning one’s health, including information concerning treatment, may only be disclosed with informed consent.”

Second opinion
“Everyone has the right on request to be referred for a second opinion to a health provider of one’s choice.”

Take care of your health; it’s a precious gift. Search for National Patients’ Rights Charter to see all your rights or look for the download on the SASP website.

Speak to your physiotherapist for more info.