Still COVID after all these months?
(Apologies to Paul Simon)

If you’ve tested positive or suspect you may have had COVID-19, you may still have strange and unexpected symptoms weeks, even months later.

Top of the list?

Extreme fatigue

It’s very debilitating, but it’s the most common symptom of Long COVID. Your physiotherapist can help you pace and manage life with fatigue.

High on the list?

Muscle or joint pain; body aches

Long COVID often causes pain which you can’t account for. Your physiotherapist knows a lot about managing pain, and can gently help you cope.

Chest pain

This pain could either be in the lungs or feel like it’s affecting the heart. Your physiotherapist knows how to assess if this is a Long COVID symptom, and help you understand, cope and get treatment.

Fatigue after exertion

If you crash after exerting yourself, even slightly, you may need help from your physiotherapist to help you pace and manage life with Long COVID ‘post-exertional malaise’.

Breathing difficulties

Nothing worse than a struggle to breathe, and it’s common in Long COVID. Your physiotherapist has body hacks which can help you draw breath without pain and strengthen your breathing muscles.


Not surprising that someone with Long COVID feels anxious! Your physiotherapist can help you with relaxation techniques, breathing and very gentle, paced movement.

One symptom on the list?

Irregular or rapid heartbeat

COVID-19 can attack the nervous system, and tachycardia (often on sitting or standing) may be a Long COVID symptom. Talk to your physiotherapist for advice and any necessary referrals.

In that list is:

Tummy troubles

COVID-19 can affect the autonomous nervous system, which may cause constipation or diarrhoea. Your physiotherapist can help you understand if this is part of Long COVID and refer you if necessary.

For about 6 in every 10 Long COVID sufferers, this could be:

Brain fog

You can’t concentrate or focus. Your physiotherapist is your point-person; have a chat and ask if you need to see a specialist, and if so, who.

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Right up there are:

Dizziness, vertigo

Long COVID sufferers will testify it’s not easy to live with this symptom. Your physiotherapist can give you some essential tips that will keep it from taking over your life.