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  • Healthy body, healthy planet

    This Earth Day, commit to:
    Save power, use your legs to climb the stairs at work or while shopping

    Your physiotherapist says:
    You nee...

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - Moving the goal posts

    Moving the goal posts

    While it’s good to have a name to call the pain and inflammation you experience, a diagnosis of rheumatoid art...

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  • Position Statement: The Doman Delacato Patterning Therapy (DDPT)

    Physiotherapists are knowledgeable and responsible health professionals, trained to work with children with neurological disorders, developmental problems, orthopaedic conditions and res-piratory illnesses. We are obligated to ensure the correct information is provided to the public while protect...

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  • Pain and depression: the two-way street

    Exercise does double duty in helping both conditions, physiotherapists explain

    Depression is as real and debilitating a disorder a...

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  • Beyond school: tips to ensure healthy, happy children

     Want your children to do their best at school, to enjoy the experience, to learn and question and grow into healthy, capable, balanced adults? The...

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  • Back to school – is your child’s bag too heavy?

    Protect your child from back pain!

    No child should suffer from back pain, should they? And yet a startling number do, note...

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  • Avoid injury in your holidays.

    Every single member of the South African Society of Physiotherapy wishes you a wonderful and happy holiday season – here’s hoping our quick tips will...

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  • Flip or flop? Tips on summer footwear from your physiotherapist


    Foot pain, heel pain, hip pain… who knew summer exercise could cause so much pain? And all because of those inexpensive, easy-to-wear and ubiquitous...

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  • Let the sun shine in

    They call it the sunshine vitamin – but why is there such a fuss about vitamin D in recent years – and should you be taking a supplement?

    “People who...

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  • Break the barriers

    Open your eyes to people living with disability

    There’s a woman in the supermarket with a crutch. She’s trying to reach for a punnet of mushrooms, but t...

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